Family Softball Party

Game Date:

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NameWhat you are bringingHow many are coming
Aunt. Helen ." 1
Kyle Zizik & Steph Pasta Salad, Spinach & Artichoke Dip 2
Thecla and George Abbiatiside dish and a dessert 4
The  Bayley'sGreen salad 4
Melanie BielenBuffalo Chicken Dip, Tortilla Chips, Fruit Platter 2
Joe BonilloChips and Salsa 4
Teresa  BonilloSomething to celebrate a red sox win 1
Kristina  LendaCranberry meatballs 4
Gerard, Laura & Chris MassadPenne Pasta with Sausage 3
Greg MassadDesserts 4
Rich MassadBrownies 2
Kristen SobanskiTaco salad 1
Anna Stefanski.? 1
Jeff Stefanski1
Gene VillaniBaked Beans 2
Joe & Berta ZizikHamburger, Hot Dogs, Buns, Plates, Soda 2
John & Kathy ZizikKibbe & Baklava 10
Total number of people coming to the party:48

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