Family Softball Party

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 NameWhat you're bringingHow many are coming
Thecla Abbiatidessert, side dish 4
Steve  Bayleycookies 4
Andy Bonilloourselves :-)  5
Joseph BonilloChips and Salsa 3
Teresa BonilloCAKE!!!!! 1
Deborah Brownsoda and water 2
David  DuBoisPasta salad, dessert, potatoe salad 5
Mike DuboisTaboule salad & dessert 6
Susan DuboisChips, taco dip & dessert 2
Rich LaMarcheMacaroni and Cheese 3
Debby LendaChocolate Triffel 1
Kristina  LendaCranberry meatballs 4
Nicole LendaMacaroni salad  4
Gerard, Laura & Chris MassadWatermelon 3
Greg MassadBuffalo chicken dip w/ chips and brownies 6
James Massadchips, toss salad with chicken  3
Louise MassadColeslaw/Macaroni salad-you will be my guinea pigs 1
Rich Massad2
Karen RestivoDeviled eggs and minty brownies  2
Julie Sabatino2
Kris SobanskiTaco salad 1
Anna Stefanski3
Eugene Villani2
Helen VillaniBaked beans 1
John and Mary Woodslinguini salad, brownies, beer 2
Joe & Berta ZizikHamburgers & Hot Dogs, buns, plates, napkins, utensils 2
Justin & Angela ZizikBeer 4
The Other Zizikswater, kibbe 4
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