2020 Family Softball Party

This years Red Sox vs Yankee fans party is on Sunday, May 26th which is Memorial Day weekend
This is our 22th Anniversary for our family softball game. The first game was in 1996 and we played again in 1998. Since 2000 we have played every year. Thank you all for coming to the game.
Once again, we are going to try to sign everyone up over the internet, it worked pretty good last time. So if your parents want to come and don't have access please sign them up. ALL the cousins are invited just in case there is any question.
So there is no confusion, the party is at Joe's (if you don't know who that is you're on the wrong web site) house and the game is up the street at Murphy school. You can come to the party and NOT play in the softball game. Don't decide not to come because you don't want to play softball.
We will play the game sometime around 1:00 PM and eat around 3:00 PM. Anyone wishing not to attend the game can stay at my house. There will be plenty of people not attending the game.

We are asking everyone that signs up to bring some item to the party. Here is a list of some items that will be needed:
  • Chips & Dips
  • Hot Dishes (pasta, bake beans)
  • Salads (potato, green, pasta)
  • Drinks other than soda or water
  • Desserts
Sign up here! (We understand that once your kids school, baseball, soccer, etc. schedules come out you may not make the party)
Change your numbers or what you are bringing!
Here's who has signed up.

Photo Album from the last couple of years.
The 2019 Team Photo